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Related post: Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 17:50:20 EDT From: Subject: Quarterback ClubThis is the fifth installment in the series entitled "Ma's Boys." Disclaimer:This story involves sexual situations between consenting mature adults, and is therefore intended for mature audiences. No one under the age of 18 or in an area where such material has been deemed unacceptable should read any further. This story is fiction and should not be considered an accurate depiction of the lives of the characters involved. This story deals with homosexual relationships, and expressions of love. If this offends you, then again, you should read no further. Otherwise, enjoy."Quarterback Club""Hey guys, this looks like a good spot to set up camp. Stream is probably brimming with fish?""Fine by us. You're leading this expedition, Heath, so whatever you say.""Okay then, let's make camp. This way we will have enough time to catch our dinner before it gets dark."Heath had suggested this nude lolita teens preteens little camping expedition free nude lolita pictures at the last club meeting, but was only able to get confirmations from 4 guys. It was to be expected as just about everyone else had plans with their families for what was left of the offseason. Peyton (Manning, Indianapolis Colts), was the first to commit. It helped that he and Heath (Shuler, Oakland Raiders) were friends since they both were standout QB's at Tennessee. The other two campers were Drew Bledsoe of the New England Patriots and Jake "the Snake" Plummer of Arizona. Heath was glad it was a big group of guys, a nice small group had the makings for some very interesting times, or at least that's what he hoped. This area was perfect for a camping trip. He was introduced to the area his junior year when a guy on his team brought him and a friend up here camping. Heath did a lot of fucking and sucking that trip. Amazingly neither guy realized that he was doing them both the whole trip. Yeah, he was hoping for a repeat performance just with one particular person in mind.When Heath made the suggestion at the last meeting, Drew knew he was there. He was going to confirm on the spot but he didn't want to appear as being too obvious. He was sure no one suspected he had the hots for the tanned, buff, qb bbs very young lolita for the Raiders and that was the way he wanted to keep it. Well to everyone except for Heath that is. Drew had always thought Heath was one fine male specimen at loli pics russia child 6'2", 216 pounds of lean toned muscle, but working with him on the various Quarterback Club charity crazy virgins lolita pics projects allowed him to see Heath was more than a pretty lolita incest nude preteen face. From what Drew could tell he was intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, honest, caring, all the qualities he was looking for. Ordinarily he wouldn't think he'd have a chance but he'd noticed some things that made him think, just maybe he had a shot.Peyton loved the outdoors. Growing up his father often took him and his brother camping, hiking, fishing, anything hot little loli girls outdoors. That is when he wasn't teaching them how to be a first rate quarterback. He'd been all over the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina as a child. He'd probably hiked these very trails but he couldn't remember right off nude nymphet lolita pussy hand. He was glad Heath suggested this trip, he needed a break from all the hoop-la young asian lolitas nude of last preteen lolita pussy gallery year and communing with nature always helped center him. Plus perhaps he could come to grips with some of the feelings he was experiencing.Jake just wanted to be included. Everyone in Arizona loves him, but everyone else outside the state knows little about him. Last season was a breakout season for him but he still felt as though he didn't have the respect of the other quarterbacks in the league. That was part of the reason he became so actively involved in the Quarterback Club, that and they did do lolitas 10 15 xxx a lot for charitable causes. It negras folladas lolitas extreme was his way of giving back to those who've helped him along the way as well as make some new friends. Besides, this would be a good way to mentally prepare himself for the upcoming season. Nature always amazed him and centered him. After a tough game he'd go out into the desert at night and just sit and look at the sky for hours and everything would become clear. Afterwards, he'd be okay and ready for the next set of challenges."So what are the sleeping assignments?" Jake asked.Not to eagerly, Heath said "I assumed you two were going to be in that tent since you were sitting it up and Drew would share this one with me since we're setting this one up. Is that a problem?"Jake replied, "No problem, as long as Peyton doesn't snore too loud."Throwing a stick in Jake's direction, Peyton answers "I don't snore.""Hey, how would I know I've never slept with legal lolita model site you before.""Yeah, but you wish you had" responded Peyton."Good one Peyton, good one" remarked Drew.Jake conceded, "I'll admit that was a good one, never knew you had it in you. You seem like the innocent chair boy type.""There's a lot more to me than meets the eye" replied Peyton.The inference of that statement wasn't lost on either Heath or Drew. Had it not been for the fact that they had the hots for each other they might have directed their efforts toward Peyton. Jake noticed bbs lolita 100 top lolita best of porn as well but for him it was only a passing thought."Now that the tents are up, what's the plans for the rest of the evening?" asked Peyton."I'm going to hit the stream to try and wrestle up some dinner? Anyone that wants to join me can" explained Heath."I'll join you Heath" said Drew "this way Jake and Peyton can go get some firewood to cook the fish.""Sounds like a plan to me" piped in Jake.The 4 split up as Heath and Drew took the fishing pole and head toward preteen lolita bbs tgp the stream, while Jake and Peyton went in search of firewood. Drew and Heath had a very productive little strawberries lolita pics day as they both caught 3 lolitas nude preview free large bass and had managed to lolita model xxx paysites set up the grill. models japanese lolicon underage The only thing they were extreme little lolita pussies missing was the wood for the fire."Should they be back by now, Heath?" asked Drew."Yeah, not unless lolitas nude art movies they're sightseeing but that wouldn't make since to sight-see with wood in your hands.""Should we go after them?" queried Drew."Na" said Heath, "I'm sure they're okay. Probably got lost. If they're not back in 30 minutes we'll go find them."Fifteen minutes passed and they guys heard the guys coming through the underbrush, but it also sounded like it was 3 people."Does that sound like a women's voice to you?" asked Heath."Yeah," replied Drew "Jake's probably disguising his voice to be funny."Into the clearing of the camp stood Peyton with a bag in his right hand and Jake bracing himself on Peyton's left shoulder with his ankle bandaged and raised off the ground. Standing beside him was a little old black lady caring a bundle of wood in her hands. Heath and Drew said watching speechless as the duo, now trio came to where they said up the miniature chairs and japan girl lol bbs rock grille.Heath board dorki loli rompl asked first, but Drew was close behind "What young skinny nude lolitas happened to you?"Before Jake could answer Peyton began to explain. "It seems this city boy didn't believe me when I told him running in the woods is not a loli fedun years old good idea unless you're being chased. He ended up tripping over a tree root and I think he twisted his ankle. You should have heard him yelling and crying, I'm surprised you didn't.""I did and went to see what all the ruckus was about" explained the lady."Oh fellows, this here is Ms. Johnson, but you can the best lolitapay site call her Ma" said Jake. "She took us back to her house and doctored on my ankle. She put this amazing concoction on my ankle and almost immediately the pain was gone & the swelling went down. I told her she should be a trainer for topless lolita models toplist the Cardinals.""That's where we've been most of the day. nasty preteens lol grils Since we were there she asked us to eat with her, and who were we to say no" said Peyton."You mean to tell us while we were here starving, waiting on you two to get back so we could cook, you were off eating a home cooked meal" said Heath."And to think we were worried about you." added Drew.Ma spoke up in their defense, "It's not real free lolitta bbs their fault, I insisted that they stay. I wanted to make sure Jake's ankle was okay or else they would've been back sooner.""That and we got to talking" added Peyton. real naked lolli pics "Well I guess it'll just be fish for two" said Heath."I guess so" replied Drew."Well if fish is what you want, but I did fix you two some food. It's in that thermal bag Peyton's carrying. It's nothing fancy just some fried chicken, green beans, boiled potatoes & gravy, a couple biscuits and a couple slices of my chocolate cake" chimed Ma.With that Drew rushed to big cocks underage lolitas Peyton relieving him of the bag 7 15 lolitanude pics with the food.Holding up the fish Heath asked, "What am I suppose to do with these now?""Let me see them, I'll saw you a trick." With that Ma took the fish, took a small tree branch and stuck it nude preteen boys lolitas in the bank near the stream. Then she hooked the rope that held the fish to the stick and stook the fish back in the water. "They should lolita and top 100 keep for another day and you can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner tomorrow.""Thanks" said Heath.Although the sun had yet to set completely, Peyton started a fire and for the next hour or so they sat around talking, getting to know each other better. Pretty soon Ma took her leave and left the boys with an open invitation lolita cp 10 photo to stop by the house if they didn't have young preteen beautiful lolli any luck finding food. Drew thanked her and said they did have `real' food but they might still take her up on the offer, as they were sure nothing they prepared would be as good as anything she cooked.The four guys tpg 15 yo loli continued to sit around laughing shy lolita dark sites and joking well into the night."I'm about to hit the sack. preteen models nude lolitas I'm beat" said Jake."Yeah, we should pretty lolita pussy pics all hit the hay. We have a full day of possibilities ahead of us tomorrow" added Heath.With that they guys split up with pthc lolita bbs forums Heath and Drew going to their tent while Jake and Peyton went to theirs. The tents weren't your standard variety. They were really roomy and theyallowed for the 6'5" frames of both Peyton and Drew to move comfortably. Inside each tent was two big sleeping bags. The guys had put their clothing against the front of the tent and they were preparing for free preteen lolita videos bed.Heath began to set preteen lolitas model links his plan in motion. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm a naturalist.""What?" replied Drew."I'm a naturalist. I prefer to sleep in the nude. If that's a problem I guess I can look in my back for some shorts" baby lol preteen rompl answered Heath.Drew was thinking `how lucky can I get, now how can I say it doesn't bother me without sound to happy?'"Sure no problem" replied Drew. Laughingly he added, "Maybe the bugs will be attracted to you instead of me." Heath turn so that Drew could get a look at his ass as he undressed. lolita nude thumb free It made sure to do it as slowly as possible to give Drew ample chance to look if he wanted. He even throw in a friendly grope of the family jewels as he turned so little lolitas videos around and laid down on the sleeping bag. He thought he saw Drew looking when he began turning around but Drew quickly turned his head."Are you going to change?" asked Heath."Nah, I'm just going to sleep in this" replied Drew. How could he stand up now, Heath would see the bulge in his lolita sex top lists shorts and he just wasn't sure if the signals he was getting were on point. Heath had to be hung when he was fully aroused because even from the quick glimpse he appeared to be about 6 inches soft.`I have to stop thinking about it' Drew thought to himself. With that he began to formulate a plan of his own. Heath on the other hand had originally decided to sleep free rus loli tgp on top of the sleeping bag but just being photos teens lolita pic so close to Drew was having an effect on him. He knew sooner or later if he didn't get in the back and turn on his side, Drew would see all 10" of his manhood as it stood straight up inside the tent.Meanwhile in the other tent, Jake and Peyton were still lolita boy free pics talking. They both had already changed into so loose fitting mesh shorts with no underwear as it was surprisingly warm in the tent. Their conversation ran the gambit of discussions until finally it made its way to sex. Surprising to Peyton, Jake admitted that he hadn't had sex in a while. He'd had opportunities but he didn't wanted it to be with someone he cared for not one of the many football `groupies' that followed the team. Peyton was waiting until marriage and was still a virgin. Jake was a surprised as well and he asked "how hard was it for him to hold out?""There are other things that help relieve the tension and hopefully I don't have to spell them out to you" Peyton said."I know the options. Trust me, I know the options" answered Jake. lolita anal stretching pics "All this talk is making me horny as hell, if you weren't here I'd be exploring some of those options right now."Peyton responded black lolita preteens nude with, "Don't let me stop you. I know how it is, sometimes you have to do what you have to do.""I know this sounds childish but `I will, if you will'" said Jake.With that they both pulled down their mesh shorts and let the cocks out to feel the night air. Peyton's cock was resting against his left thigh while Jakes was well on the way to its full mast of 9 inches. Peyton tried not to stare but those feelings he had been experiencing all his life showed up and forced him to watch as Jake slowly began to stroke his fat 9" rod. Jake was using a slow methodical technique. Slowly he slide his hand up the shaft, cupped his palm around the fat head 13 14 lolita bbs and then back down the shaft. Over and over he did this as Peyton watched mesmerized. It didn't take long before Peyton's 10" was at full mast and he was copying Jakes rhythmic movements dark loli portal cp over his own cock. Pretty soon the slow dual jack off session became hot and heat as both guys attempted to reach climax."Ahhh fuck" was all Jake said as his cock erupted a lolita ten model movie heavy load all on his chest, abs, and hands. Peyton was close behind as he was pushed over the edge by an image of Jake perverts r us loli plowing his asshole with Jake's 9" sword. He blasted so hard pretty lolitas nude tpg some of the cum hit him in the face. The rest landed on his chest, abs, thighs loli top child nude and balls. Before he dosed off to sleep Jake made a mental note of the way Peyton had been staring little lolitta with g-string at him. He'd seen that look before and was wondering, just maybe.Heath hoped that Drew heard usenet lolita non nude and enjoyed what was going on in the other tent last night. It took all of his will candid sexy lolita 14yo power not to roll on his back and jack his 10" cock right there in the tent, but his bigger head prevailed. Tomorrow, he would find out one way or the other if he had a chance with Drew. Drew knew he had to make his move before tonight. If Jake and Peyton had a repeat performance of last night's activities, top teen model lolita there was no way he could listen and not take things, namely his cock, into his own hands. Hopefully his plan to entice and seduce Heath would work and it would be Jake and Peyton doing the listening tonight. Looking in Heath's direction Drew asked, "I'm going to hit the lagoon we passed on the jelzs little girl lolita way up anyone want to join me?""Sure, I'll go. I actually was going to suggest it myself," replied Heath."I'm down," said Jake. "Well count me in too," chimed Peyton.With that the 4 guys grabbed their swimming trunks and head down the path to the lagoon. Jake and Peyton fell back off the pace as Drew & Heath went on ahead. Peyton was having cute young models lolitas trouble trying to bring up last night, luckily he didn't have to for Jake brought it up for him."Wonder if they heard us last night?" preteen lolitas pics sex asked Jake."I'm surprised Ma didn't hear me last night. I kinda forgot they we weren't the only ones there," replied Peyton."If they did hear they haven't let on. I'm sure they know how it is. Between you and me, I needed last night. underage lolita incest rape The only thing is that I wish I had a little flesh to flesh contact" said Jake.Sympathizing Peyton said, "Yeah, I get like that at times too.""Shoot I should start taking my father's advice, `Any port in a storm.'" With that Jake looked right at Peyton to see what his reaction would be. He free birth lolicon hentai thought he saw a sparkle in his eyes and somehow he knew tonight would be much more than a jackoff session."I guess that's true," replied Peyton.By the time they'd arrived at the lagoon, Drew and Heath were already inside swimming and horseplaying. It appeared as though the guys were in the midst of a water fight."Is this a private party or can we join in?" asked Peyton.With that both newcomers took off their shoots and shirts and dived into the water to join the action. Heath thought this was the prefect time to make his move. While the others were splashing he dived under the water and swam to were Drew was wading. In one swift move he had his shorts down and Drew jewels were swimming free. Drew's first reaction was to curse but after quickly glancing around he noticed that Heath was missing. He thought to himself `this is too good to be true, because that's exactly what I'd planned to do to him.' Slowly, Heath rejoined the action as though he'd never left. Secretly he and Drew shared a smile. Little did they know that Jake had seen the entire thing as he felt preteen lolitas pics models Heath swim by his legs underwater. Yeah tonight would be interesting. Sometime during the water fight, Drew slipped under the water and returned the favor to Heath. They spent the russian 12 yr lolita remainder of zeps dark lolitas toplist the time in the water trying not to let the other guys notice they were missing their trunks.Pretty soon, Jake suggested Peyton walk with him to Ma's to see how she was doing and also to allow the other two guys a chance to get out of the water without Peyton noticing their predicament. After the two were gone, Drew and Heath got out the water and layed on the bank. Neither even tried to cover up for by now they both knew what was going top 100 loli pthc on."I wanted to nude girl nymph loli do that last night but I wasn't sure how you'd react," said Heath."I wouldn't have complained if you did. After hearing Jake and Peyton last night I was as hard as a boulder. It took all my strength not to jack a quick load right there on the sleeping bag" answered Drew."Well tonight, jacking off is not an option. However you are welcome to pick any hole you choose" replied Drew."What about the guys?" asked Drew."Somehow I get the feeling they will be otherwise occupied," answered Heath. "You up free lolitas real hardcore for a sneak performance?" With that he rolled over on top of Drew and the two shared a passionate legal lolita pussy pics kiss. Slowly Heath made his way down Drew's chest, licking and dark lolita preteen girl biting his nipples until they were raw. Downward he ventured past his abs to his crotch. russian lolita site links Once there he didn't waste anytime engulfing Drew's 10" weapon to the root. The suction he was providing with his throat muscles had Drew on the verge of eruption. Drew begged Heath to stop, and that's exactly what he did."That should hold you until tonight," Heath said."Oh yeah, I promise you the guys will hear us tonight whether they like it or not," lolita russian underground forbidden added Drew.The rest of the day was loli pics 7 yo filled with hiking and fishing. Drew and Heath hiked over to Ma's where the other guys were helping her in her garden. They all ate lunch, homemade chicken salad, potato chips, and fresh ice tea. They ended up spending most of the day with her. She gave history of the mountain and of her family. They talked, laughed and had a good ole time. It wasn't until just before sundown that they departed her house and made their way back to the campsite. This time Jake and Peyton lead the way as Drew and Heath pulled up the rear. On the walk back the two shared some gropes and grab-ass.Once back at the camp they started a fire and sat around talking until late in the night. Peyton and Jake were the first to young non naked lols turn in. Drew and Heath were hoping they'd fall right to sleep leaving them lolita photo video model alone to handle their business. While waiting for the guys to fall asleep, Drew and Heath began the foreplay outside by the fire. They started with some deep kissing that nearly took their breathes away and also put the fire out due to russian naked lolita boys lack of oxygen. It didn't take long before they were worked up and had to make their way to the tent regardless of whether the other guys were asleep or not.Before they made it to their tent they were stopped by the noises they heard coming out of the other one. Quickly creeping over to inspect they were floored by what they saw through the crack. Jake was in between Peyton's legs giving him a blowjob to end all blowjobs."Well damn, while we're over there. They're over here enjoying themselves," said Drew."At least we know we don't have to be quiet now," said Heath as he grabbed Dres's arm and headed for their tent.Inside they didn't waste anytime with any more pre lolita illegal lolita preliminaries, they got right down to business as they each helped the other to discard their clothing. Drew laid down on the sleeping bags and Heath assumed a position similar to the one he saw Jake in. Immediately he engulfed Drew's semi- erect cock in his mouth. Heath loved the feeling of a big cock as it expanded in his throat forcing him to open his throat wider or have his oxygen supply cut off. That's exactly what was happening and Drew was loving every minute of it. Pretty soon Heath back off of Drew's fully erect cock to catch a breath and savor the taste of Drew's precum that had flooded his mouth. As Heath was sucking Drew's cock illegal lolita sex movies he was playing havoc with Drew's nipples. He had one nipple in both hands and he was pulling and pinching with all his might. Drew's mind was very young nude lolitaboy blowing with all the different sensations that he was feeling. It never imagined it would be this good. Heath was one helluva cock sucker.Meanwhile in the other tent, Jake was still devouring Peyton's 10" rod. He had picked up the tennie lolita nude movies pace from the slow methodically licking to an all out power suck. It had Peyton writhing all over the tent. Letting up off his cock for a second, Jake listened as he heard the moans and groans coming from the other tent."About time they got lolita preteen smallest bbs in on self shot lolita pics the action."With that said he went back to delivering his best blowjob possible. Not wanting to miss out Peyton turned so that Jake's 9" rod was only inches from his mouth. Tentatively, he stuck out his tongue and licked at the head of Jake's cock. He was addickted immediately and he began to copy Jake's movements on his cock. Peyton was a natural born cock sucker. hot lolita shot nudes sexo anal de lolitas Most first timers had some difficulty with the size and girth of Jake's cock but Peyton bestlolita virgin cp site didn't have that problem. After nearly bring Peyton to orgasm on 2 occasions, Jake switched his attention from Peyton's cock to his ass. The first touch of his tongue to Peyton's rosebud made Peyton gag as he swallowed too much of Jake's cock. sweet little loli pussy The little lolita angel tgp feeling was unbelievable and it only served to make him hornier than ever. It bondage lolita model nn didn't take long before he was begging to be fucked.Those were the same words coming out of Drew's mouth as Heath was finger fucking him for all he was worth as he was sucking Drew's cock."Come on man, fuck my ass. Stick that big dick up my hole" begged Drew."You sure you want this. You sure you can handle this?""Fuck yeah, give me that dick man"Grabbing Drew by the ankles Heath placed them on his shoulders as he aimed his 10" weapon underage lolita porn gallery at Drew's puckering asshole. He spit on both his cock and Drew's rosebud and with a steady motion he slowly impaled Drew onto his 10" rod. Drew felt every inch as it slide up his rectum, nudged his prostate and continue to parts unknown. The pain he was expecting never realized and all he felt was pleasure. Heath was going to pause to give Drew an opportunity to get accustomed to his size and girth, but that was unnecessary as he was greeted with a "fuck my hot ass" dreamwiz child lolita photos by Drew. With the green light and an overwhelming need to nut, Heath began to fuck Drew using all the 14 yo lolita bbs techniques in his arsenal.Jake was doing the same to Peyton in the other tent. Peyton was finally getting over the pain of having you male cherry popped and was beginning to feel nothing but unbelievable pleasure. Something unknown void inside of his soul was completely filled now. And from out of nowhere he was begging Jake to fuck his ass. Heath and Jake were almost mirror images of each other as they alternated between long dicking, quick jabs, and pile driving the ass attached to their cocks. The intense action in both tents couldn't last forever and it didn't. Almost simultaneously all four guys began to reach infinity. Peyton was first shooting naked little lolita pics out a huge load of cum all over his face, neck, shoulders, chest, abs hot little lolitas supermodels and crotch. The tightening in his ass as he came brought Jake over the top as he flooded his ass with everything that his nuts could hold. So much cum that it began to trickle out of Peyton's gapping fuckhole.Drew was in the middle of an earth-shattering climax of his own. Heath was still pounding his ass and with each thrust his big cock was nudging Drew's prostate gland. Not able to hold off any longer, Heath deposited what felt like a gallon of cum in Drew's ass."God that was amazing" said Heath as he was kissing Drew."Let's do it again" said Peyton to Jake. "This time I'll be on top.""Hey, I have an idea. Let's pull the sleeping bags outside and sleep. It's a little hot and stuffy in here now" suggested Heath."Sounds good to me" was Drew's reply. "Should we ask Jake and Peyton to join us?"That night all four guys sleep comfortably out nn models cute loli in the open. Heath & Drew were cuddled up together while Jake & Peyton were cuddled up together and they all were as naked as the day is long.
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